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Frequently asked questions

  • How does this service work ?
    The core idea is that if you miss a functionality in your software, I will implement it. In my opinion the programmers should concentrate more on the users' needs even if the result would be a multipurpose program.
  • What if the user ordered the wrong elements for the functions ?
    When I try to put together your order and the parts shows inconsistency, I will send you a message how we should modify your order. This does not neccesserily increase the value you have to pay.
  • What are the stages of the creation of a program ?
    I will use the general terms of the testing phase names for the whole process. These are the following: Alpha Closed beta Open beta Release When the open beta starts, you will be able to download a testing version of your program. This version will use extra error handling and diagnostics and with it, the customer can assure me and themself that the program works correctly on their machine. In this week the customer has the right to pay for the release version. After the customer is satisfied with everything and the payment was successful, the program can be released. You can check the "Your program" page which order of yours is in which phase.
  • What does the version number reflect ?
    The version number reflects the number of changes of the program. It always starts with and the first release version will be The four number represents the type of changes: major changes minor changes patches build version
  • Is there any time limit on my program ?
    No, but you have to know that my responsibility will expire after one year. You can use your program after that, but you have to download a "Signature update", which will extend my responsibility for another year.
  • Do I keep our messages ?
    After a particular upgrade for your program has been released, I will put all messages into the documentation of your program and then I delete the messages because I do not have a purpose to keep it.
  • Are you able to resell your program ?
    Yes, you can sell your program to others if you want, but you need to pay share for me which is 5 % when you reach every 1 million of Ft. (~3 000 €).
  • How much time I have to wait until you finish my program ?
    It heavily depends on the task. It could be 1 day to 30 days. You can check the dates at the "Your program" page.
  • Why my program is not working as intended ?
    Message me if you found out that something is wrong. If I misunderstood your concept, I would correct it for you for no additional charge and infinite number of times. After I release your program, I will assume that you 100 % satisfy with it.
  • What type of payment method are the users able to use ?
    Currently only standard bank transfer I am able to provide. There will be other payment options in a few months.
  • What currency am I accept ?
    Currently I accept only Euro, US dollars and Hungarian Forint.
  • There is a qoute on the about page. Did you say that ?
    No, I did not. I read it in Bjarne Stroustrup's book - ch1.2 p19 - original inventor of C the ++ programming language. (sidenote: If you would like to learn programming, that book is your best bet.) I used it because it heavily describes a software. If a user have a program which works fluently, you will not notice it, sadly. Good program is let you concentratre on your current task. It does not meant to be visible.
  • Why only 2 languages you support on the website ?
    In my opinion two type of languages are enough to make our communication easier and those are the native and the common. Hungarian is my native language and English is the most common in my experience. Other that these two I would like to translate this site to German and French as well. This applies only to my website not your program. We can localize your program to your language.
  • Have I created this website ?
    Partly. I used a template and the builder found at I would like to send my time on my programs. This website is barely a communication point between me and my programs users.
  • Is this website a webshop ?
    No, it is not. Behind the scenes there is no cart and other stuff, just a simple registry which keeps the choices of the user. I use a webshop-like interface because most of the people already familiarised themselves with it. I will not make any effort to create something new in the context of website.
  • What is my future plan ?
    In the future the service will be available from: - the Microsoft Store for Windows - Google Play for Android mobile - the Gnome Software Center for Gnome Linux distribution When I introduce another platform in my service, you will automatically get a version of it with no additional charges. After the acquisition of the base program all parts of the service will be available through it.
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