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Hello, my name is Tibor Lokos, I create custom programs based on microtransactions mostly for individuals.

I think many who work with a computer imagined that how a particular program could be better or how it can be expanded or what more can be a machine capable to do to them.

A programming language is a tool for programming and programming is a tool to simplify our work.

Everyone knows their own jobs.

Like for example an accountant could write a much better and polished accounting program than a programmer. Competence is quality and a program is always an implementation of something. 

With this service you will have the program you would make if you could have time to do it by yourself.

When you would like to see something in your program or would like the machine to do something for you, I upgrade your program with that functionality.

Think. Adapt. Upgrade.

Note: before everything else please read the FAQ, especially the "Important" answers.

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